Made in Cork: Gabby & Mileys Grooming Studio

Next up in our Made in Cork series is Avril owner of Gabby & Mileys Grooming Studio and fur Mama to Gabby, Miley and new pup Dwayne. Sue, my own little doggie, voted that we had to feature Avril as she is just smitten with her, Sue spends three hours kissing and playing ball with Avril when she visits I don’t know how Avril fits any grooming in!

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Avril Hurley, dog-mother to three & resident canine stylist at Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio in Ballincollig, Cork. I live & breathe all things dog & dog-related which is funny considering I was petrified of all things ‘dog’ for the first 18 years of my life.

When I’m not looking after our own three dogs or working in Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio you can find my fiancé, our dogs & I on the lookout for new Dog Friendly businesses, events or facilities in Cork which we do our best to keep other dog lovers abreast of on our Facebook page “Dog Friendly Cork.” I’ve also co-founded a little charitable organisation called “St Vincent De Paws” where we co-ordinate several collection points around Cork & Kerry each month on behalf of nominated Animal Rescues, what makes us unique is that we don’t collect any monetary donations but quite simply items the nominated rescue require such as food, blankets & cleaning products & deliver them direct to the rescues.

2. How did you start Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio?

I developed quite a keen interest in dog grooming when we got our first family dog Miley, a Shih Tzu but never pursued it as I was happily working in our family business at the time. Unfortunately, my mother developed ovarian cancer & subsequently passed away after a long battle. So when I went back to work Miley & Gabby faced long days all alone. Our mom was a stay-at-home mom which meant Miley in particular got quite attached & got separation anxiety anytime he was left alone. At the beginning, I used to send Gabby to Doggy Daycare as she thrived there & Miley came to the office but this wasn’t a long term solution. So when the chance arose again to go back & study the art that is dog grooming at leapt at it & I never looked back. It was the best decision ever. In May 2014 we – Gabby, Miley & I opened the doors of Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio & have been pampering dogs ever since.

3. What are some of the best places in Cork to take your dogs?

Ballincollig Regional Park (it’s right on our doorstep so we love it)
Doneraile Wildlife Park (it also has a tearooms with some fab food)
Donkey Sanctuary Liscarrol (we always end off our trip to the Doneraile Wildlife Park with a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary)

Fionnbarra on Douglas Street, Cork City
Cogans Bar, Carrigaline

Myo, Popes Quay, Cork City

The Bulman, Kinsale (if you want to enjoy some fine dining with your dog)

Glebe Country & Coach House Apartments, Ballinadee

4. What are the best tips and tricks you’ve learned working with pups every day?

Each dog is unique, each have different likes & dislikes, each have come from different backgrounds. No dog can talk but they can give you subtle hints in their body language so be patient & observe what a dog tries to tell you. Dogs love being reassured, talk to them. Most of all be patient, oh & most dogs love roast chicken


Blogger Banter:

Blogger Banter is a new quick fire interview series with other Irish bloggers. Louise from Fitness Fashion Mom is a Mama, a nurse, and a blogger who uses her own motherhood and fitness journey to inspire other. Check her blog out for the best green smoothie recipes, heartfelt discussions on postnatal depression, and awesome pennies hauls.



Doing: Getting ready for date night while meal planning for the next week.
Listening: David Bowie’s greatest hits. Going to see The Labyrinth tonight in The Triskel Arts Centre.
Watching: Madam Secretary Season 2. Have a girl crush on Tea Leoni.
Reading: The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel.
Cooking: Big Pot of Lean Beef Chilli. Great as a freezer meal and versatile to use.
Making: Plans to renovate our house on a budget. Lots of repainted furniture ahead!

Made in Cork: 2020 Art Gallery

‘Made in Cork’ is a new series all about local entrepreneurs, creatives, movers and shakers. Sheelah from 2020 Art Gallery is back with us to tell us all the 2020 Art Gallery came to be. Check out her tips on buying art here.



How it all Began.

Art was always a big thing for me but I was never a practitioner. I studied film and later art history. While in UCC I interned at the Glucksman and worked directly with the curators. I really thought I wanted to work in a municipal i.e. state funded gallery. My first experience of a commercial gallery was a summer job in the Fenton. I surprised myself, I adored commercial, being involved from beginning to end, putting up the exhibition, people coming in, seeing the work and people falling in love with it, buying it and bringing it home. I didn’t realise what I was missing.

2020 Art Gallery is Born

In 2009 I took a space in Ballydehob July 09, I ran 2020 from here for a year and a half and loved it. I realised despite the crash there was real demand from both sides, artists and buyers, and grew the business to meet demand, which meant a bigger space in a place where people were all year not just at summer. Keeping the momentum going I opened in the city centre in November 2010. I was lucky to be able to start the collection with new artists keeping prices down and this July I am 7 years in business.

There is no typical day running an art gallery.

I have no normal day, it’s all different. Most days are spent preparing the gallery for visitors. Rehanging the works as they arrive, adjusting the collection, curating the works cohesively. I want each work to compliment the next and not to over-crowd each other, the eye needs to flow from one work to the next not jump from piece to piece. This is my favourite part, putting collections together, getting the space ready for people. Then I liaise with artists daily, keeping up to date with new works. I’m the face of gallery, in real life and online, social media is a whole job in itself. I’m always thinking about what’s coming next, the next show, the next exhibition, new artists, always working into future…

There are no days off

On a rare ‘day off’ I’m usually doing something related to business, pushing it forward, networking at events and in groups. In my own time, I like to get out running and cycling. Last year I cycling the Ring of Kerry Race and twice a week you can find me at Crossfit at 6.30am. But usually I’m here with meetings, deliveries, and clients.

In a Nutshell

2020 Art Gallery: Buying Art Starts Here. The door is always open, don’t be afraid, there are no stupid questions, look, ask, come in

How to Start an Art Collection: Buying from an Artist

Today in our Art Collecting series we have local artist Kady Berry shedding some insight on buying art directly from the source, the artists themselves.Kady is an artist and designer specialising in encaustic painting, that means she paints with hot wax.



Ask for Studies

If you would like some original art but the price is too high, ask the artist if they have any studies they are willing to sell. These can be really interesting and cheaper than a finished piece.

Talk to the Artist

Most artists are happy to talk about their work, so don’t be afraid to get in contact with any questions you might have. There is never any pressure to buy a piece.

Be Specific

If you are interested in having a piece commissioned, don’t be vague. Inform yourself on the artists work, have a definite idea of what you want and try to express it as clearly as possible. Always ask the artist for a price beforehand.

Consider Prints

On a personal note, I’m always looking for posters and screen prints for my own home. We have so many great graphic designers in Cork. Some advertise, some don’t. Search social media for local designers and contact them to see if they have anything for sale or if they are willing to design a poster for you.

Blogger Banter: TheBeautmum

Blogger Banter is a new quick fire interview series with other Irish bloggers. Maire is a multitasking Mama, stylist, MUA and event organiser who writes over at TheBeautmum.


Hi everyone,

My name is Marie Barry-Murphy & I’m author & blogger at TheBeautmum . I’m a busy mum of four, stylist, mua, co-founder of the Cloggers group, and event organiser….oh and in my spare time I like to run & I’m a marathoner.


Right now I’m currently organising an exclusive blogger event for next Thursday evening which I am very excited about as it’s with an amazing skincare brand called NIMUE they are South African and have won several awards including the Social and Personal Awards 2016 most recently.

I’m also organising the #FashionSquadCork Event with my friend and fellow stylist Natasha Crowley which will take place in The Imperial Hotel on Sunday the 24th of April. Link below

There are four photo-shoot’s currently being organised so I’m always a busy bee. Fashion & Styling are an obsession, something I love and feel passionate about so hopefully one day my dream of getting paid to do what I love will become a reality until then I will be gaining loads of experience doing TFP Shoots & loving it as I get to meet new and interesting people, network and gain lots of contacts so it’s all good.

I’m doing my CV at the moment which is causing me huge stress …dear god it’s been 13 years since I last typed up a Curriculum Vita & times have changed. It would be so much easier if you could just walk in the door said HEY! I’m looking for work and ask me what you like … but that’s not the case. So I’ll struggle on with it and hope to have it finished and typed up by early next week. Then the job hunting begins!
If anyone is reading this and wants a stylist or is looking for someone with the skills above I’ll leave my contact details below LOL (God loves a trier eh)

I love music as it makes me switch off and transports me to another dimension. It relaxes and makes me unwind and then it can just as easily play with your emotions and make you cry a river …
Loving 7 years by Lukas Graham Oh and I’m not embarrassed to say that I am a Bieber believer seriously loving his new album.

I don’t really get the chance to watch much TV but we watched THE INTERN the other night and it was quite good. Oh I got to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in the cinema it was the Premier part of the Frockadvisor event with Debenhams and Universal. It was light hearted and fun.

Still dipping in and out of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Let’s say baking as baking is a favourite of mine, today I baked two homemade brown squares. #delicious

Making a good stab at carving out a new direction in life through hard work, blogging, recently qualifying as a stylist and organising Fashion events and trying my best to be positive and give 150% of myself into what I know & love.
There you have it I hope it gave you a little insight to who I am & if you liked what you read then check me out in all my social media platforms below
SNAPCHAT: TheBeautmum

Market Exchange: Organic Republic

Market Exchange is an interview series chatting to people behind the stalls at your local farmer’s market. Curating food culture in Ireland small market stalls have gone on to become national success stories while still keeping to the principles of shopping local. Organic Republic is the leading organic box scheme in Cork. Today Caitriona is chatting with us.



Tell us about your business

We are a small family business, originally from Cork city. I initially started selling organic veg back in 2002 and Willie joined me in 2004. We’ve since moved to Macroom and have been growing and expanding ever since. Two beautiful children later, 6 markets a week, a few great employees, office deliveries to Cork city, home deliveries to the Cork area, a big polytunnel on a small acre, and a couple of vans, a dog and four cats….we’re busy all the time but very happy!

Why is Cork such a great place to work in?

The people make it….a great bunch of all sorts. It’s colourful. You’re always close to nature..beaches and mountains aren’t far. The weather isn’t too bad, usually!

What’s your favourite ingredient and why?

I am very into fresh turmeric root (not powder) at the moment. Of course we we sell it on the stall! It’s got a lot of health benefits and tastes great. I use it in juices mostly. I just wham it in, skin ‘n all, orange gold!

It’s also great with fish, peeled and cut into very fine matchsticks, and cooked as you would ginger. They go really well together. Just watch out for yellow fingers.

But “favourite” is a strong word…chances are it’ll be something different next month 🙂

Where can we find you?

We are at Macroom and Wilton markets on Tuesday. Mahon Point on a Thursday. Bantry on a Friday, Douglas and Midleton on a Saturday. 9 am til 2 pm.

We deliver boxes to homes in Cork city and suburbs on a Thursday and Friday…check us out on Facebook (Organic Republic) or

Office deliveries are on Mondays.

How to Start an Art Collection: Buying from a Gallery


Continuing on in our Art Collection series today where talking to  Sheelah from 2020 Art Gallery – buying art starts here. She’s giving us the lowdown on buying art from a local gallery with all her insider knowledge,tips and tricks

sheelah moloney 2020 art gallery (2)
Sheelagh Maloney 2020 Art Gallery, Griffith House, North Mall. Cork. Photo Joleen Cronin

Come in and look

Look around, visit as many places as you can, galleries are always open to visitors. We’d love if you eventually became buyers but we’d never get anywhere without visitors. If you’ve no idea what your taste is, you need to start there. Some people just know, but for those that don’t, look online, call into galleries, pick up magazines, take every opportunity to look around.


We’re all careful with what we invest our money in these days, if you feel apprehensive about buying a work, leave, go back to your everyday life, if it’s still in your head its for you, if not, forget it.A bit of a contradiction to researching and being careful but in the end you’re going to know when you see it, you feel it in your gut, and you never regret it.


Original print artworks at 2020 Art Gallery start between 30 and 60, our most expensive piece has never exceeded 8000. We cater to all price brackets. We will stick to your budget and find something suitable, either on display, pulled from stock, or by going to the artist. We have a range of payment plans and deposit schemes uniquely tailored for each client. The first work of art I ever bought was through instalments, it took a whole year, the gallery were so patient, but I got there in the end.

If we still can’t find want you want in your budget, we can commission a piece, this is a bit more complicated but can be customised for a more specific size, budget, etc. We can even combine payment plans and commission. We represent a variety of artists, from new to the market to more established, to meet all different price points.


Groups coming together to buy gifts for wedding, retirements, and christening is becoming more and more popular. I’ll help the group pick the perfect piece for the occassion with the reassurance that if they don’t like it I can always take it back and substitute with another piece.

Try Before You Buy

With our home service we will bring the work to your house or office for you to view. The artwork will appear entirely different in your home to the gallery, you probably don’t have extensive white walls, it wouldn’t appear with others artworks, the scale and light are all different. This idea was born of convenience for the buyer but has become invaluable for picking the right piece. Some pieces need distance, smaller works are best for nooks and crannies, new builds are all glass, no walls, far more challenging. Then you have the technical aspects, the level to hang, position D-rings, position on wall, scale, etc.

Most Important

The door is always open, don’t be afraid to come in, there are no stupid questions, there is no question not worth asking, look, ask, come in.

Stay tuned for an interview with Sheelah in our new ‘Made in Cork’ series all about local entrepreneurs, creatives, movers and shakers.